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Biological altruism

A behavior is classified as altruistic if the said act committed benefits others at the risk of oneself safety and/or well-being. One of the universal categories of altruism is reciprocity. According to, the noun 'reciprocity' means "A behavior in which two people or groups of people give each other help and advantages". In simpler words, they share stuff. For example, bats. Bats tend to return to the same cave as the previous day and thus create bonds with the bats that they live with. This is when the reciprocity kicks in; As gross as this sounds, a bat might regurgitate a portion of blood and donate it to a hungry neighbor who, when put in the same position, will reciprocate the favor. Such behavior does not often extend to those out of their species, but not always; Dolphins have been known to assist those in need despite them not being dolphins.

A vervet monkey might shout

out warning calls for an oncoming threat,

but by doing so it makes itself a target.

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